Takashi Ohno: No more Fukushimas

Takashi Ohno: No more Fukushimas











Marcello Farabegoli Projects / Verein 08

Piaristengasse 60
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“The cats of Tokyo have a celebrated portraitist,” Niklas Maak wrote of Takashi Ohno in a February 2011 newspaper article for the “Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung.” Soon after came the devastating tsunami and nuclear disaster in Fukushima, the subject of Ohno’s woodcut series featuring his anthropomorphic cats.
“His work shows the continued influence of renowned woodcutter Yasunori Taninaka (1897–1946),” explains Herbert Eichhorn, director of the Städtische Kunstmuseum Spendhaus in Reutlingen. “Also striking is that tool marks are intentionally used as a design element – unusual for both the Japanese woodcut tradition and the visual language of manga – and that prints show relief residue in the non-relief areas, for example. The artist probably borrowed this from Taninaka, who was strongly influenced by Expressionist woodcuts from the West.”

Speakers at the opening: Klaus Werner-Lobo, the Green Party’s spokesman for culture and human rights, and Marcello Farabegoli

The show includes woodcuts by Takashi Ohno as well works by casaluce/geiger & Hana Usui, Julius Deutschbauer & Gabriel Schöller, Luca Faccio,Olga Georgieva, Shinshu Hida, Edgar Honetschläger & Sylvia Eckermann, Sissa Micheli, Federico Vecchi and Erwin Wurm.
On November 20th, 7 p.m., an open panel discussion on the themes of Fukushima and nuclear energy will take place. Ö1 journalist and publicist Judith Brandner, Kunsthalle Wien curator Lucas Gehrmann, professor and head of the Institute of Safety/Security and Risk Sciences at BOKU – University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences Vienna Wolfgang Liebert, anti-nuclear campaigner GLOBAL 2000 – Friends of the Earth Austria Patricia Lorenz, photovoltaic expert at the Austrian Institute of Technology Marcus Rennhofer and other guests will discuss these themes. Due to limited number of seats in the evening, R.S.V.P. info@marcello-farabegoli.net
The event is curated and produced by Marcello Farabegoli. With the kind support of the above contributors, from Verein 08 / Dominik Nostitz and from Geiger and Partners Insurance Broker.