Carsten Höller. LIFE

Carsten Höller. LIFE











Thyssen­-Bornemisza Art Contemporary–Augarten

Scherzergasse 1A
1020 Vienna

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“Elevator Bed” booking: Sofitel Vienna Stephansdom, Volker Klier, Reservations Manager, T +43 1 906 16 61 02, E

With “LIFE,” Thyssen-Bornemisza Art Contemporary (TBA21–Augarten) is presenting an exhibition of selected works by the Belgian-German artist Carsten Höller. The exhibits – some from the Thyssen-Bornemisza Art Contemporary Collection, others commissioned for the exhibition – form a conceptional, physically tangible space that invites visitors to interact, conjures up moods and emotions, and generates “oriented” action. A floating tank simulating a gravity-free state, a dream-inducing toothpaste, and an extendable “Elevator Bed” tickle the visitors’ suspicions that here everyday logic has gone on strike. The exhibition is accompanied and structured by the “Half Clock,” which uses over- and under-representation of chronological units to create a feeling that alternates between fast-forward and extremely slowed-down time. Vocally trained bullfinches pipe above the spectators’ heads. The film installation “Fara Fara” shows casting sessions and rehearsals for a musical clash between two stars of the Congolese music scene. Doubling and splitting are likewise the motifs of “Vienna Twins”: here, identical twins perform a totally linear and simultaneously bewildering, sung entertainment about likeness and its opposite. Two “Giant Multiple Mushrooms” implant a surreal element into Augarten Park. In cooperation with Sofitel Vienna Stephansdom anyone interested – single or in twos – can book the “Elevator Bed” for one night during the exhibition run. The guests are invited to move freely around the museum facilities: to float in the “High Psycho Tank” filled with salt water, try out the dream-inducing toothpaste, listen to the singing bullfinches and set off on a nocturnal stroll through the Augarten.