at least 25 moments per second

at least 25 moments per second












Karlsplatz 5
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The exhibition title takes up the name of the video PAL standard, 25 fps (frames per second), and converts it to “moments per second.” That means that the factor of time is considered twice – once in the word “moment,” which expresses an emotional or physical impulse, a movement in time, and in the measurable unit of a second.

The exhibition project emerged from the discursive exchange at Miss Baltazar’s Laboratory ( that has been going on since 2011. The exchange becomes visible in the exhibition space in a form of presentation where the video installations of the three artists involved are played in sequence and concurrently in three different projections.
Because of the spatial and temporal dilation and the opening up of new reconfigurations, a “frame” can become a “moment.” The result is more than a simple addition of three separate works: a moment of transmission, of transfer from one video or video section to another in the moment when the video installation mesh. The works expand by creating a space – the physical space of the exhibition, but also an acoustic space – and opening a space where emotions can be transmitted.
In a collective and procedural mode of working, the artists question how these micro-aesthetic moments can be realized in the work of an artist.

Participants: Ilse Chlan, (video)artist, Austria; Pavlína Fichta Čierna, (video)artist, Slovakia; Katharina Jesberger, art theorist, curator of the exhibition, Germany; Claudia Mongini, art theorist, curator of the exhibition, Italy; Hui Ye, (sound/performance/video)artist, China; Karin Harrasser, University of Linz, lecturer