Guided Tour: The Congress Drives

Guided Tour: The Congress Drives






Guided Tour





Kaiserliche Wagenburg

Schloss Schönbrunn
1130 Wien
Meeting place: Imperial Carriage Museum Vienna, Schönbrunn
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Limited number of participants. Registration is required: E

with Monica Kurzel-Runtscheiner, Director of the Imperial Carriage Museum In 1814/15 Vienna was the center of the world for eight months: monarchs and political decision-makers had gathered together here in order to reconstitute Europe after the fall of Napoleon. It is well known that “the Congress danced,” but what was even more important to contemporaries was that it “drove” as well: hundreds of ceremonial carriages had to be built as quickly as possible in order to provide the dignitaries with suitable transportation and entertainment, offered for example by merry sleigh rides and barouche trips. The Carriage Museum is the only museum in Vienna to possess a rich treasury of resplendent three-dimensional objects from the time of the Vienna Congress. With its coaches, sleighs, horse carriages and uniforms, the exhibition presents an opulent tableau that revives the splendor of the Vienna Congress after 200 years.

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