Thomas Gänszler: The Poetry of Purpose

Thomas Gänszler: The Poetry of Purpose











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Linke Wienzeile 72
1060 Vienna

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“The topic of how everyday objects can become art was already brought to attention by Marcel Duchamp. But Thomas Gänszler doesn’t work with found objects. Instead, his sculptures only pretend to be basic commodities, imitating the materiality and form of common items. In the same sense as Kant, maybe, who made no distinction between the appearance of a thing and the thing itself. The artist takes the concept of formalism and applies it to the overall conditions of an artistic means of expression. Through his objects, he tries to take into consideration the conditions under which art can become art, at the same time negotiating changes in the assignment of meaning by the observer.
Dealing with the blurriness of the medium, and the discussion of the medium as the material per se led to Thomas Gänszler’s spray paintings. Their surface and parameters show elements of both photography and painting. The blurred material is extended to include the medium, which thus ‘represents a hybrid of drawing, photography, and painting,’ states the artist.”

Silvie Aigner