Pinhole photo workshop: A Photo Through the Eye of a Needle

Motion and Emotion / Bewegung und Gefühl

Pinhole photo workshop: A Photo Through the Eye of a Needle











FotoQuartier Wien

Margaretenstraße 127
1050 Wien

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It is easier for a photograph to go through the eye of a needle than for a camel. You can see this in pinhole photography, where photographs are taken through an opening the size of the eye of a needle. More and more photographers use it as an artistic means of expression. But what is so exciting about this original and simple form of photography? Is it the simplicity of the artistic method as defined by the Arte Povera movement? Is it the “painting-like” effect of photographic “impressions” that photography with a pinhole camera provides? Or is it the dimly character and art of insinuation that makes things visible without actually capturing them?
For 2015, the House of Photography in Vienna is planning a pinhole photography exhibition titled “Motion and Emotion / Bewegung und Gefühl.” As part of VIENNA ART WEEK, anyone interested can learn about the appeal of pinhole photography in an introductory pinhole photography workshop. Get a picture for yourself and shoot a photo through the eye of a needle!

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